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About Tony "Wolfe" Sibbald

Tony "Wolfe" Sibbald has committed the last 30 years of his life paying it forward and helping people heal themselves, just as his mentors helped him recover from personal tragedy, physical health crash, depression and anxiety.  

It is NOT normal to feel tired, anxious, lost and stuck. You were meant to feel alive!

Here you will find powerful tools Tony learned from his mentors and masters in the healing arts. Tony is an ordained Daoist Priest, Medical Qigong Master, Reiki Master and student of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Bringing ancient healing arts to you.  

What Tony's Clients Say

"Amazing Mentor"

"I have been doing the Peace of Mind coaching. Tony has been an amazing mentor. Dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and feeling stuck made me forget who I am. Through Tony's coaching and videos, he has reawakened the person I knew I always was. His knowledge and commitment is undeniable.   Thank you Tony For making 'ME' feel fully alive again".  

Virginia S, Canada

"Living Without Fear"

"There are moments in life when you have to decide what your next your next step is - to give up or continue. You might want to give up, but you know very well that you can't.  And then you find Tony - a peaceful Warrior. Suddenly you know the way.  In front of you is an experienced Warrior who leads you to your full potential. And living without fear of shining is great! :)"

Danka, Serbia

"Navigate Your Path"

"Tony has made an undeniable impact on my life by filling a void I've been living with since childhood. If you have decided you are ready and willing to put in the work to be your best self and live your best life, there is not one better to help you on your journey. Tony is an incredible mentor that will help you navigate your path"

Stacie, Ontario

Other Healing Media 

YouTube Videos

There are TONNES of videos to help you heal yourself in this FREE channel aka FeelFullyAliveAgain. Reiki, Qigong, Daoism and more! 


NEW: Tony The "Mouthy Monk" is back in Podcast-land Thoughts, interview and much more in the healing area!


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